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Floating Toward Freedom

I have struggled with addiction for 20 years of my life. My drugs of choice were Oxycodone and Heroin, but I abused LSD, Cocaine and Methamphetamines.  What you are about to read is in short my story. Some or most people would say there are underlying reasons as to why people become addicted to drugs. I would say that why yes there are don't let them become the end excuse for continuing to abuse them.  

I have been out of jail for 11 months now and I have come farther in those months than I have in the whole 35 years of my life.

A New Pattern of Living

"We suspect that if we do not use what we have, we will lose what we have." - Basic Text p.75

Addiction gave a pattern to our lives, and with it a meaning - a dark, diseased meaning, to be sure, but a meaning nonetheless. The Narcotics Anonymous recovery program gives us a new pattern of living to replace our old routines. And with that new pattern comes a new meaning to our lives, one of light and hope.
What is this new pattern of living? Instead of isolation, we find fellowship. Instead of living blindly, repeating the same mistakes time and time again, we regularly examine ourselves, free to keep what helps us grow and discard what doesn't.

No Longer Having to Lie

A Facebook friend posted, "we're only as sick as our secrets." How freeing it is to not have to lie about drugs, alcohol, and all the things associated with them. We no longer have to hide the fact that we're using or drinking. We no longer have to lie about where the money's gone, or where we were the night before. We no longer have to cover up hangovers, being dope sick, or the effects of overindulging. We don't have to worry being pulled over by the police, or whether we'll pass a drug test. How much stress we have put ourselves through due to drugs and drink.

Learning About Addictions Through Social Media

Sometimes it's helpful to know others have experienced the same problems were going through. There are various support groups such as NA, AA, and Al-anon. There are also on line support groups. Both Facebook and Google+ have sites that can help educate and assist. Please don't be afraid to reach out for help.

Message posted on Facebook

Your and Matt's recovery house was exactly what I needed to get sober. The rules and disciplines I had to deal with there prepared me for living life on life's terms. I realize now that when times are tough, God is preparing you for what's to come. I've made it through some tough work and life situations since living there because I learned that better things will come if you hang in there and stick with the hard things He puts you through. Thank you for having the house there for me. I pray that through it you get to continue to change lives.

Children of Addicted Parents

The following are effects of parental addiction on children:
1. Having to guess what normal is.
2. Difficulty having fun.
3. Difficulty with intimate relationships.
4. Trust issues.
5. Terrified of abandonment
6. Frightened of angry people.
7. Constantly seeking approval.
8. Can become super responsible or super irresponsible. 
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Congrats to all alums continuing their sober journey. We are proud of you; be proud of yourselves!


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