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Treating the Addict
A brutal ending to young Avon mom's descent into heroin addiction
Fentanyl Crisis: Ohio Cop Accidentally Overdoses During Drug Call
Addiction Interrupted
Turning Negative To Positive


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Treating the Addict

In the Philippines drug offenders are "sentenced" to a rehab facility that houses up to 10,000 people. Doesn't this make more sense than incarcerating addicts? I don't know anything about the facility, but I'd like to see addicts get the help they need rather than punished for their disease.

A brutal ending to young Avon mom's descent into heroin addiction

The former cheerleader loved her daughter, her family and her friends, but 'the addiction was greater.'

Jordan King's parents knew heroin addiction might kill her, but they never thoughther life would end in such a brutal way.
Jordan died a week after she was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood on an Indianapolis street on a cold January night. Marks left along gravel and salt indicate the 25-year-old woman had been dragged from a car for 75 feet.
The fall couldn't have been farther for Jordan.

Fentanyl Crisis: Ohio Cop Accidentally Overdoses During Drug Call

An Ohio police officer was "still miserable" but recovering Monday after he accidentally overdosed on a dangerous drug that has cut a deadly swath through his state — fentanyl.
Patrolman Chris Green of the East Liverpool Police Department had just finished searching the car of two suspected drug dealers and was back at the police station when another officer spotted some white powder on his shirt.
Without thinking, he brushed it off with his bare hand — and passed out about an hour later, Chief John Lane said.

Addiction Interrupted

Someone once asked me, "why do you always insist on taking the hard road? I replied, "why do you assume I see two roads?

Turning Negative To Positive

Our spiritual and emotional growth in A.A. does not depend so deeply upon success as it does upon our failures and setbacks. If you will bear this in mind, I think that your slip will have the effect of kicking you upstairs, instead of down,
— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 184
In keeping with the pain and adversity which our founders encountered and overcame in establishing A.A., Bill W. sent us a clear message: a relapse can provide a positive experience toward abstinence and a lifetime of recovery. A relapse brings truth to what we hear repeatedly in meetings – "Don't take that first drink!

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Friends and amends—keeping it simple
“We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.”
Step Nine ––––=–––– In every relationship, we don’t always handle things the way we would have hoped. But friendships don’t have to end when we make mistakes; instead, we can make amends. If we are sincerely willing to accept the responsibilities involved in friendship and make the amends we owe, those friendships can become stronger and richer than ever. Making amends is simple. We approach the person we have harmed and say, “I was wrong.” Sometimes we avoid getting to the point, evading an admission of our own part in the affair. But that frustrates the intent of the Ninth Step. To make effective amends, we have to keep it simple: we admit our part, and leave it at that. There will be times when our friends won’t accept our amends. Perhaps they need time to process what has happened. If that is the case, we must give them that time. After all, we were the ones in the wrong, not them. We have done our part; the rest is out of our hands. ––––=–––– Just for today: I want to be a responsible friend. I will strive to keep it simple when making amends.


Stress can be an excuse to relapse. Learning to not take ourselves so seriously can help. If work is overwhelming, take a break, practice relaxation skills, maybe find time to reconnect with a friend, or listen to music. Often when a problem surfaces, we don't discover the answer until we take a break from thinking about it.

Reaching Out To Other Addicts and Alcoholics

We all need help sometimes. By helping others, we help ourselves. This is particularly true in recovery. Sometimes the easiest thing is to isolate, and while we all need time to meditate and be on our own, we also need time to be with others. Often, by teaching others, we, ourselves, learn. When we talk with others about their recovery, it reminds us of what we should be doing for our own recovery. We may not know all the answers for another's recovery, but we might find answers for our own when we reach out to help other addicts and alcoholics. 

Mindfulness Just As Effective As CBT For A Broad Range Of Psychiatric Symptoms

Summary: A new study reports mindfulness group therapy has an equally positive effect for people suffering with depression and anxiety disorders as individual cognitive behavioral therapy.
Mindfulness group therapy has an equally positive effect as individual CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for the treatment of a wide range of psychiatric symptoms in patients with depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders. Researchers made the finding in a new study from the Center for Primary Healthcare Research (CPF) in Malmö, which is a collaboration between Lund University in Sweden and Region Skåne.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day AA Book

April18 - A.A. Thought for the Day

As I look back over my drinking career, have I learned that you take out of life what you put into it? When I put drinking into my life, did I take out a lot of bad things? Hospitals with the D.T.'s? Jails for drunken driving? Loss of job? Loss of home and wife and children? When I put drinking into my life, was almost everything I took out bad?

Meditation for the Day

I should strive for a friendliness and helpfulness that will affect all who come near me. I should try to see something to love in them.